Beneath the Destiny Stone

A medieval blacksmith and a millennial from Detroit walk into a bar...

By the age of six Fiona could sink a bank shot.

By eight she could mix a perfect Manhattan.

By twenty-two she had a business degree and a concrete plan to save her grandfather’s failing bar.

But then she was pushed through a time-portal.

Now Fiona is stuck in fourteenth century Scotland with no way home. There’s a good chance time-soldiers are after her. And Henry, the guy she’s shacked up with, is a grumpy son-of-a-bitch who doesn’t get her at all.

He is hot, though.

And brave.

And most definitely the love of her life.

If the two of them can stop bickering long enough, Fiona just might be able to have it all—the tavern of her dreams and the first man who can actually keep up with her. That is, if they can survive the battles, murder, and mayhem of the Middle Ages, and the time-soldiers who have a hand in it all.

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About the author

Sarah Charles

Sarah Charles is the author of Beneath the Destiny Stone, a book she wrote to keep from going insane while recovering from a spinal injury. (It mostly worked). A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, Sarah graduated suma cum laude with degrees in Psychology and German. Since then, she’s worked in the mental health field, owned a custom cake business, and given birth to three future super villains. She currently spends her days writing and working to bring food forests to Toledo through her charity The Three Penny Project. In her rare moments of free-time, Sarah dabbles in all things craftsy. She particularly enjoys wood-burning, rehabilitating old furniture, gardening, baking, and playing with clay.

Praise and Reviews

"I like to think I inspired at least some of this book."

Kristopher Charles--my husband